Sunday, November 25, 2007



On Kalpowar Station before my time the owner, George Watkins wife and family owned the property before an American owned company purchased. George told the story of his new bride complaining of when she was left at the homestead on her own. She would sometimes see a naked man running down near the river and he would sometimes venture closer to the homestead. Naturally the bride was a little nervous. George tried to run this fellow down on horseback a few times without success and the naked runner always gave George the slip. Eventually George caught the elusive runner who had been gored by a boar pig and had an infected leg, which slowed his running and hiding ability considerably. It turned out this man had been a champion athlete from one of the southern states and had a nervous breakdown and had lived in the bush for a number of years living off the land. When he was caught and tied up he was collected by the authorities and taken back south. I am told this was a big story in the newspapers of the day from memory I believe he was christened Pink Flamingo, very apt. I also heard he had been rehabilitated and did return to Kalpowar for a normal visit a few years down the track. In the area where this man lived off the land the Vietnam vets have made an enclave at Bathurst Bay to get their emotions in perspective. I do believe history is repeating itself as this emotionally disturbed man stayed in this isolated area to heal his mind. I think I read somewhere the Government has formalized this settlement at Bathurst Bay where I have spent many pleasant hours


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