Sunday, June 2, 2013

Out of the Mist

horses_mist2 by southern_skies2
horses_mist2, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Some of my friends....:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's A Hard Hard Land

It's A Hard Hard Land by southern_skies2
It's A Hard Hard Land, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

The interior of Australia can be hard and unforgiving with a unique beauty, the scale and wide sky hallmarks of inland Australia

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Last Word

The Last Word by southern_skies2
The Last Word, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Did a spot of storm chasing this afternoon, must say worried myself a few times...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In The Misty Moonlight

Could not sleep again, my body is mixed up because of the continuous night duty so on days off once rested I am in trouble. Took my swag and my blackish motor car that looks like an evil being and did a midnight drive to the south crossed into Mexico (NSW) walked to the beach and rolled out my swag and waited for morning. The moonlight sparkled on the water the stars twinkled overhead and the surf boomed on the cliffs to the right of me. This image was taken with the shutter open for 18 seconds, so the water smoothes out in the resultant image.

I hope you may enjoy this as much as I did being there in the early hours...:))

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Day

Another Day by southern_skies2
Another Day, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Waterhole Dreaming

Waterhole Dreaming by southern_skies2
Waterhole Dreaming, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Second day in the Northern Territory camped beside this waterhole, the rocks come alive with the early light.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Whale Tale

A Whale Tale by southern_skies2
A Whale Tale, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colours of the Desert -- Explored

Monday, August 20, 2012

By A Fire of Gidgee Coals

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Still of the Night

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley by southern_skies2
Rainbow Valley, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Cold by southern_skies2
Cold, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

The Forgotten Apostles

Kata Tjuta /olgas2

Kata Tjuta /olgas2 by southern_skies2
Kata Tjuta /olgas2, a photo by southern_skies2 on Flickr.

Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Road

The first day of my 13000 Australian odeysee began by an early start in the small hours of the Saturday morning of June 23rd leaving Crows Nest on the Darling Downs arriving at the outback town of St George on the Condamine River. The recent high water marks were evident of the recent flooding. Was quite cold around the 3 degrees, the river was alive with birdlife and represented a welcome break for a well earned hot cup of coffee before tackling the long road to the border via the Western Plains and Channel Country of Queensland.

The roof rack was equipped with a floor and carried a ladder so that photography could be accomplished from the roof lifting us above the roadside verge.  Another friend, a photographer accompanied me on this trip.

Where I am parked at a guess from the flood debris the vehicle would have been well under water just a few short weeks earlier.

Surprisingly enough as was school holidays struck very little traffic on these western roads.  Most of the traffic encountered was local.

West of Thargomindah heading towards Innaminka in South Australia.

Arrived at Thargomindah mid afternoon to be informed no fuel as a polocrosse carnival was being held in the town and the fuel outlet that was open for the weekend had sold out.
What to do as it would be Sunday the next day and if could not get fuel further down the track had to have a range around 900 to 1000 ks.  Saw some unattended fuel pumps and rang the number and the owners opened up with great reluctance.  I offered them an opening fee on top of the fuel cost which was declined but did feel like a beggar.  Because of this unexpected situation rang ahead to Noccundra which was not that many ks ahead but did a bit of figuring and if filled up at Noccundra could make it to Lyndhurst across the Streslecki in the event of Innaminka not having fuel.  Initially Noccundra Hotel which has the fuel denied having any fuel and after a bit of talking agreed to sell me 50 litres when I arrived.  Noccundra was off the track we intended to follow but thought it may have been good insurance.  As it turned out Innaminka had plenty of fuel and was open on the Sunday so was unfounded but would have hated to be low on fuel in these far flung places and from my experience the locals have little time for people passing through, signs indicating would only rescue locals, my how the bush has changed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank you Margaret for your concerns.  I have not been very active here but will be trying to update so my family and friends may follow where I am as will be on the road for the next few months traveling to places where I have not ventured previously in this land.

 I start tomorrow night hopefully to cross  the path of Burke and Wills, my first hop will be a 14oo k leg, then will rest up and explore,  and intend to cross the desert to the red centre, down to Adelaide, across the Great Ocean Road and then do some hiking in snow shoes and cross country skis in the high country of Australia. I spoke to my friend whose brother lives and works in the far west and he said to tell me it was f@#%^ cold, forewarned is forearmed.

My nerves are at a stretching point and thinking of all that could go wrong but will press on and perhaps may end not as I ideally would wish but am determined to have a go.

I will try and keep a record not only for family and friends but for myself to get a clearer picture of what I felt and saw in the next few months.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh Deer

Have been meaning for two years to do a series of the red deer in the district and always saying next week next week which has extented into next year and the next so decided had better do it.  Sometimes in life we just tend or at least I sometimes do overlook what is sitting under ones nose.  Will post this one image of a magnificent buck belonging to one of my best friends taken this week as he made his magnificent way up the paddock.  He tolerates kangaroos and another buck but did kill another deer as just could not tolerate its presence.  I will try and get images of this guy with the kangaroos just to prove he lives in Australia.



Thursday, January 19, 2012


Have been meaning to get a little serious getting some images of the red deer running on my property in the Upper Brisbane Valley.  The red deer were introduced in the 18 hundreds a reminder of the old country and the local shire Somerset uses the deer as its logo.  The deer thrived in this mountainous valley country and multiplied to huge numbers this present day and roam over thousands of hectacres of this sweet country.

Very skittish for good reason as they are culled or would become out of hand if not there already.  We have strict tick regulations about going here and there yet the red deer a primary host of the cattle tick roam anywhere, so bears out the theory of many old timers ticks are where they want to be climatically.

Went out yesterday afternoon and my patience was rewarded and was presented with one of the most stunning cloud formations lit up like a neon for a few minutes, so was in luck to say the least...

Next time I will try and get a roo or two in the image just to prove this is Ostralia....:))

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Went for a drive yesterday to visit a friend to whom I sold a thoroughbred mare I was particularly fond of.  When leaving the property late in the afternoon as I was taking some images as the sun went down two curious horses galloped up to the fence and stayed with e the time I was there.  The two out of a paddock full of horses were the two grown up daughters of my mare Drum.  Must have known I was their gran..:))

I had a new camera in August and was experiencing some difficulties with it and towards the end of November became unusable.  Sent off to Canon and returned and am so pleased as looking back through my images realize it was always a little off and now the images are sharp and clear and am very pleased with the results achieved yesterday.  These are a sample of what this piece of equipment is capable of producing taken in the only hour of sunlight experienced in the area the past few days.

Will come a day when these food bowls of the country will be the commodities that will rule the world ahead of the energy boom as who will need the energy if the population is unable to be fed.  With the expected growth of world population the math says it all

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sorry Margaret

I apologise for not being here and appreciate your concern and do think of your circumstances and your kindness.

My head is sorted and am now working full time, I would need to have my head sorted work 9 night shifts in a lock down facility and what I see each night allows me to count my blessings which are many.
I often wondered where the name Rosella came from and now I know.  The first settlers in Sydney would occasionally see these bright parrots in the area with the European name of Rose Hill and called them the Rose Hilliers gradually become Rosella which is such a pretty name for a gorgeous species of parrot as have a few variations of colour in these Parrots, Crimsons, Pale heads, Easterns and saw a different colour again on the Einsleigh River of Far North Queensland but too quick for me to have him in the camera

Spent a few days walking these trails and only scratched the surface of course had to climb on the first of the Three Sisters.  The commercial set up and crowds surrounding The Three Sisters I will not go there, and the parking fees are something else but was reassured when driving the back roads of this area, to see the campers and parkers enjoying this bushland and vista as it should be enjoyed.  I have a resistance to fences and Keep Out signs for ones own safety, I am of the opinion this land belongs to me and you and should I wish to direct my footsteps where ever I will do so ever mindful of damage.

I do have 5 nights off in sequence each fortnight and usually travel in these times, even flew to Melbourne and saw snow for the first time in August, climbed to the top of the highest mountain in Oz amongst other things and getting a good look at this wonderful country of ours.  I am now a wanderer, not as yet a full time wanderer but is heading that way.  Two more years of work and I am off.

I have travelled from my birthplace in the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Alps in Victoria, much in between including the Blue Mountains of NSW where the walking trails are magnificent indescribable walking the edges of these escarpments for ks and this year am going to venture to Tasmania and further west into the deserts of this great country.  I will begin with returning to my birthplace in the Gulf of Carpentaria on the banks of the Norman River.  I returned my mother's ashes to this vast delta land that she loved so much and lived her life to the fullest



This is my birthplace and wandered over the Gulf retracing my ancestors and my steps acknowledging the place was more beautiful than my childhood memories.

I think I am about to go walkabout big time, first Australia and then will take myself to the regions of this earth I wish to gaze upon.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Having been driving about the eastern part of this great land for the past couple of months, just a sample and will endeavor to post in a chronologically manner for the next posts, get some discipline into my posting as it were, like Diane...:)))

This image was taken after quite a treck into the Wilderness area of Border Ranges where this beautiful pristine creek wends its way through the rainforest.  On the track the thousands of year old Antarctic Beech are evident.  I found this a most magical forest with the air so clean and sweet.

The iconic Millaa Millaa Falls of the Tablelands of Far North Queensland, revisiting my young years

Leura Cascades in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia on a wet and windy day.  Hardly a soul about on this morning.  I had never been to this area previously but would like to return and walk a few more of the tracks, must say though covered quite a bit of country on shanks.
Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia, foggy and wet, I love the weather foggy and wet does that say something about my personality, I think I will leave that alone for the moment...:))
Will post some more of the unbelievable waterways and waterfalls I had encountered on my little drive.

Tripping about Oz and Thinking

I have been away from this site for some months thinking and wondering about the rest of my life.  I had been grounded in a good way during the past years initially caring for my father before he died and then my mother who recently passed away in quite a tragic and unsettling manner in amongst the devastating flooding in this area which did contribute to her final stroke and subsequent hospitalization and death.

Herein lies the dilemma which may confront many in the coming years as to when to call a halt to procedures.  I am having much difficulty coming to grips with the last weeks of my mother's passing and did not wish to disturb my family but figure should they read this is for their contemplation as well as mine.

We may be living longer and our health politicians scream this from the rooftops but at what cost and I have serious doubts as to the quality of life in many instances.  Life is precious and the sanctity of life is to be recognized and followed as herin lies the judgement of us as a society.  After what I have witnessed I would suggest perhaps the quality of life should be thrown into the mix or are we and our elected representatives too weak to acknowledge that sometimes enough is enough.  We would not continue with animals and the RSPCA would be called in and we would be fined and dragged through the courts if we did to the animals what we in some instances are doing to our elderly. I am not saying neglect quite the opposite in the procedures and strategies in place.  An example is after a stroke a person in their 90's before the stroke not able to walk but a few steps be placed into intensive physio therapy.  I asked why a paralyzed not able to speak person needed this as the pain medications were lightened off so the assessment could be made.  I was informed so that she could be a one person assist from bed to chair instead of two.  To me this is not in the interests of the elderly stroke victim, who was my mother and could see a downward deterioration each day.   To stop this torture I had to call in a cast of thousands.

   In saying this the care of the elderly is precious and the nursing homes do the very very best they can with a very minimal budget provided by our Government and in most cases the cares and procedures to prolong life are warranted but for those last weeks in some instances the agony and suffering just for those last days and weeks to me needs addressing but of course is a grey area and not voiced anywhere.  Health professionals have their hands tied and can not do anything but follow the procedures.  The procedures are locked in cement and families want life for their parents in many cases at any cost.  I feel that we as a society are looking out for the emotional interests of the families rather than that of the dying parent.  This issue needs to see the light of day as many many families put it in the too hard basket and leave their parent in a nursing home and perhaps visit once a week if that.

I would suggest to those of my generation the baby boomers who will shortly flood the system to breaking point look into preparing and Advanced Health Directive so is set out what your wishes are should you not be able to articulate or cognitively recognize where you are at.

I needed to voice this even if only to two people now I shall move on and try and forget the last weeks of my mother's life where I feel  I had failed to do what she would have wished as I knew full well she could have done without the last weeks of her life, an independent bloody minded proud strong woman who would never have wished for herself the indignities of her last weeks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let Me Touch Your Golden Sunlight

Am back in the workforce,working nights in a sad environment, uplifted with the glory of the morning.

Very strange being back in the workplace after nearly two years of looking after my mother who passed away in February.

I work nights and in an endeavor to get my fitness levels back, post stay at home, walk to and from work each morning which involves walking through the bush in the starlight and moonlight and returning home now as the sun rises in the crisper early morning fogs.  Pure magic as the summer turns to the shorter winter days.

This morning experienced the most beautiful light through the fog, rushed home 2 ks of fast walking, grabbed the camera, threw on some whites as had an idea of what I wished to achieve and the fog waited the extra ten minutes I needed to get something like the images I had in mind.  I used in postprocessing a softening of the image to give the ambience.  I will try this again and hopefully at a time when I can utilize the light for more than the 10 minutes.

May your God go with you....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Magic Sky

Yesterday afternoon went to check on some livestock of mine in a paddock about 20 ks away.  As I finished checking the animals the sky was beginning to look interesting so raced further along the track, which is actually part of The National Trail, of Australia, mapped out some years ago by an enthusiastic band and put aside for future generations.  Not many traverse this trail, here, anyway, but would imagine in years down the track this will come into its own and become regarded as the national treasure it is.

The sky coloured up like a giant dome every colour imaginable from horizons to horizons.  Some of these images may give an idea of the scale of the sky and colour which is quite unusual for the whole sky to be reflected in the sunset glow.  A privilege indeed for me to be able to view it and photograph it and take it home with me to muse over any time I wish...:))

The sky and landscape was so coloured from the reflected colour of the sky my skin was reflecting a red glow when I held my arm out.
My Sunset

I close my eyes and I can vision my sunset laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top.

The yellow is so bright that it consumes my thoughts I fall deeper into the colors of the sun so that I could touch the orange glow, what a soft feeling, my sunset.

My sunset takes me to another place and time where there will be no problem to tall to overcome. This vision is imbedded in my mind it is like a river running free a clear thought on a sunny day and it ends with my sunset and me.

My sunset frees my thoughts from confusion it leads me to believe that I am on top of the world, setting me free to score over the waters of my mind.

My sunset places me in a part of heaven where the day comes to an end with the beauty of my sunset.

Kimbaline Navas 

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Day, Fresh Beginnings

Am back in the paid workforce, finished work this morning so tired and saw this unworldly light in the fog shining here and there as the sun forced it way through.  Something special about sitting on a mountain top hill actually..:)) with the mist breaking and swirling about silently.  I have some rather fanciful thoughts as during the night a palliative patient slipped away from her suffering but will leave that alone for the present.

I find I need the solitude and silence at times to think and remember and pay my final respects to that soul.

A fog bow a phenomena, I had never previously seen arched across the sky as the sun burnt the mist away.

A fog bow according to Wicki....

fog bow is similar to a rainbow, but because of the very small size of water droplets that cause fog, smaller than 0.05 mm, the fog bow has only very weak colors, a red outer edge and bluish inner. In some cases when the droplets are very small it appears white. Fogbows are therefore sometimes called "white rainbows". A fogbow seen in clouds, typically from an aircraft looking downwards, is called a "cloudbow". Mariners sometimes call them "sea-dogs."
When the droplets forming it are almost all of the same size the fogbow can have multiple inner rings, supernumeraries, that are more strongly colored than the main bow.
The fogbow's lack of colors is a result of the smaller water drops... so small that the wavelength of light becomes important. Diffraction smears out colors that would be created by larger rainbow water 

  I will put up a few more at a later date when I have more time to process and choose from the images taken this morning

Have a good week....:))

I see a few dust bunnies or perhaps moisture drops on the second last image that I had neglected to remove, oh well my eyes are not that good at times.