Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ergon contractors were to place an earth next to the power pole on our property and needed to drill until they came in contact with clay. They drilled and drilled and all that was below the surface was fine white sand of superb quality. The sand became fineer as the drill bit deeper and caved in on itself and then the rain began. The drill could not be retrieved and after trying to haul out with vehicles and the drilling motor all the workers went off in a bit of a temper. I retreated with my camera. Strategic I thought.
The following day a strike for the day and of course it rained some more. Then after the strike and a a little amount of water running down the hole succeeding in turning the fine sand with the kaolin clay into a mortice along came a humungous crane. They huffed and puffed and still could not extract the drill. By this time I restricted myself at peeping at them over the tops of bushes hiding the camera. I lie ...I was not brave enough to venture out with the camera as thought they may try and bury me in the hole.....The drilling pipe is still stuck in the ground about 30 plus metres down and no one has been back for the past few days. I do not think I will complain about how the crane sunk into the ground about six inches and ruined my lawn!!! The top of the drilling bore is about a metre out of the ground defiantly sticking out for all to see.

THE DRILL, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

The drill the little ripper.....I could use it to look for water in the bottom side of this property


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