Monday, June 22, 2009

My Backyard

My Backyard, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

A particularly sad event happened last week to a near neighbor. He became so depressed that he took his own life. I really feel the suicide rate needs to be looked at and acknowledged. I believe the theory is that to talk about suicide prompts others to copycat. In this little country area if copycats occurred on top of the current rate, none would remain.

The news is a disaster area with, recession, politicians borrowing a mates ute...Get a grip. It is not that bad, perhaps can not buy a new fridge and will have to modify our traveling habits in the near future and modify our power use. Although I read in a recent newspaper article the instillation of air conditioners has gotten out of control. What happened to cutting back on power usage. Journalists have no backbone and would prefer to report if Angelina is talking to Brad. Do I care, seems as most of the world does. Although to be perfectly honest I think Brad is easy on the eye.

Amongst all this I know I am so lucky to see what I see each day and do acknowledge that most of the world is trying to survive, hunger, oppression and here we are looking at a society with so much with a mental disease of self inflicted ending of one's life. I wonder if chemical warfare is at work here. Our bodies are polluted with so much "have" that it ceases to produce the endorphins that make us happy. Our family has a history of "black dog", on my off days I do not take drugs I interact with nature, gallop my horse through the bush or talk to the birds. Works for me and I do not know about the rest of the human race but I am convinced that a little dirt and leaves between the toes, and talk to the animals is the answer. I know there is more important things out there, i.e. a butcher bird trying to get enough for her babies. She has a purpose and intent and gaiety that can be appreciated.


Blogger diane said...

That is sad news. It is a real mental illness. Depression so bad that one must take their own life. Not enough is done in the research and treatment of depression/mental illness. After my mother died I was going to research it myself as she suffered depression in her later years, but saddly I never did. I hope I never get it again. I had a dose of it back in the 80's.
I used to cope with bush walks but that time it would only work for a short period then I would fall back into the hole of despair. It is weird, even though I knew what was happenning to me I couldn't do anything to make me feel better. Luckily I had a fab GP who understood how I felt. He treated with a variety of drugs until he hit on one that had a positive effect, I can't remember the name of it now. I also had a month off work and went to the Barrier Reef for a holiday. Luckily I've never had it since. I didn't even have anything to be depressed about but I did have a lot on my plate at that time.

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