Friday, September 19, 2008


Is getting to that time of year in Queensland when we can expect the wild storms to eventuate...Looked like was upon us tonight but not a drop...will build and build tomorrow....

The Tom Quilty 100 mile, 160 k, endurance ride is in the area, 100k's north up the road and is kicking off at 4 am tomorrow morning. Hope they have finished before the storms could move in in the afternoon. Usually a Saudi Prince or two compete and the Malaysian King was at the prelude so expect will do a re run. I have noticed a few Japanese riders. They keep stables in Australia and fly over and compete on the Australian purchased and trained horses.

Unfortunately I have been called in to work this weekend. The sort of work where can not just take off unless arrange a replacement as nursing staff is short on the ground these days. Everything happening, a cultural and visual feast in Toowoomba, 40 k's south, with the Carnival of Flowers, foodies, philistines, artists, rockers, wouldbe's if they could be, its all happenin'.


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