Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life is Like That!

Sometimes doing our best does not cut it and is something I have to learn to accept.  After rescuing the old horses from the mountain and walking them out in the killing heat the situation was too much for the old black mare who deteriorated and suffered a major fatal heart attack.

I have for the past four years worked in a nursing home with largely high care patients and death is a constant occurrence which never is fully accepted but our time comes for people and animals and never a death occurs without regrets.

The circumstances may or may not have hastened her death.  She was nineteen years of age and did have a bad start to life as I saw her in a paddock with her mother and was horrified when she was about five months of age.  The grass was green and up to their knees but was an introduced African grass which in horses with their one stomach has an element that does not allow them to absorb calcium.  I saw the owners and brought her home explaining why she looked like she did awful and they did not mean this to happen as was done with ignorance and all they saw was the lush green kikuyu.  She always did have problems with bones and not a good start in life but lived her life out in the mountains and in the cool of the creek beds with her sister for the nineteen years of sun filled lazy days.

May she rest in peace   "If suffering went out of life, courage, tenderness, pity, faith, patience and love would go out of life too".


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