Sunday, April 18, 2010


I do not know what is happening here but I am receiving an inordinate amount of comments which I believe lead back to soliciting .......I have changed my comment codes for which I am saddened....In this world I try not to take advantage of anothers space just because they are willing to open themselves up....I guess the people sending all these bogus comments believe what a fool leaving their access open....sad really......If I asked you not to do this particularly with the sex and erotic links because I am not interested as enjoy real life and do not need to be a voyeur from the sidelines as some of you think life should be lived and I will not allow MY space to be a forum for such as this.

I believe the internet is a wonder of this world allowing people to exchange ideas across borders in a wink of an eye and as all these comments are in manderin you people should be aware of this more than most, and here you forcing restrictions on yourselves and others who perhaps do not warrant these restrictions.

Please desist....apart from being cowardly it is not honourable

我不知道什么是发生在这里,但我收到的评论,我相信中处于领先地位,争取.......我已经改变了我的意见,我感到很伤心.... codes过度amount在这个世界上我尽量不要利用彼此的优势空间,只因为他们是愿意开放自己了....我猜的人把所有这些假的评论认为是个傻瓜离开他们的访问打开....真悲哀......如果我问你不要这样做,特别是与性和色情的联系,因为我没有兴趣作为体验真正的,并不需要从一旁偷窥正如你们有些人认为生活应该是生活和我是不会容许我的空间是一个像这样的论坛。


Blogger Trendle Ellwood said...

well said Lizzie!

April 22, 2010 at 11:43 PM  

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