Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Road

The first day of my 13000 Australian odeysee began by an early start in the small hours of the Saturday morning of June 23rd leaving Crows Nest on the Darling Downs arriving at the outback town of St George on the Condamine River. The recent high water marks were evident of the recent flooding. Was quite cold around the 3 degrees, the river was alive with birdlife and represented a welcome break for a well earned hot cup of coffee before tackling the long road to the border via the Western Plains and Channel Country of Queensland.

The roof rack was equipped with a floor and carried a ladder so that photography could be accomplished from the roof lifting us above the roadside verge.  Another friend, a photographer accompanied me on this trip.

Where I am parked at a guess from the flood debris the vehicle would have been well under water just a few short weeks earlier.

Surprisingly enough as was school holidays struck very little traffic on these western roads.  Most of the traffic encountered was local.

West of Thargomindah heading towards Innaminka in South Australia.

Arrived at Thargomindah mid afternoon to be informed no fuel as a polocrosse carnival was being held in the town and the fuel outlet that was open for the weekend had sold out.
What to do as it would be Sunday the next day and if could not get fuel further down the track had to have a range around 900 to 1000 ks.  Saw some unattended fuel pumps and rang the number and the owners opened up with great reluctance.  I offered them an opening fee on top of the fuel cost which was declined but did feel like a beggar.  Because of this unexpected situation rang ahead to Noccundra which was not that many ks ahead but did a bit of figuring and if filled up at Noccundra could make it to Lyndhurst across the Streslecki in the event of Innaminka not having fuel.  Initially Noccundra Hotel which has the fuel denied having any fuel and after a bit of talking agreed to sell me 50 litres when I arrived.  Noccundra was off the track we intended to follow but thought it may have been good insurance.  As it turned out Innaminka had plenty of fuel and was open on the Sunday so was unfounded but would have hated to be low on fuel in these far flung places and from my experience the locals have little time for people passing through, signs indicating would only rescue locals, my how the bush has changed.


Blogger diane b said...

Nice to see you here again. Looking forward to reading your adventures so keep it up. that sounds a bit inconvenient with the fuel. Sure doesn't sound like friendly country folk.

August 7, 2012 at 10:54 PM  

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