Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Magic Sky

Yesterday afternoon went to check on some livestock of mine in a paddock about 20 ks away.  As I finished checking the animals the sky was beginning to look interesting so raced further along the track, which is actually part of The National Trail, of Australia, mapped out some years ago by an enthusiastic band and put aside for future generations.  Not many traverse this trail, here, anyway, but would imagine in years down the track this will come into its own and become regarded as the national treasure it is.

The sky coloured up like a giant dome every colour imaginable from horizons to horizons.  Some of these images may give an idea of the scale of the sky and colour which is quite unusual for the whole sky to be reflected in the sunset glow.  A privilege indeed for me to be able to view it and photograph it and take it home with me to muse over any time I wish...:))

The sky and landscape was so coloured from the reflected colour of the sky my skin was reflecting a red glow when I held my arm out.
My Sunset

I close my eyes and I can vision my sunset laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top.

The yellow is so bright that it consumes my thoughts I fall deeper into the colors of the sun so that I could touch the orange glow, what a soft feeling, my sunset.

My sunset takes me to another place and time where there will be no problem to tall to overcome. This vision is imbedded in my mind it is like a river running free a clear thought on a sunny day and it ends with my sunset and me.

My sunset frees my thoughts from confusion it leads me to believe that I am on top of the world, setting me free to score over the waters of my mind.

My sunset places me in a part of heaven where the day comes to an end with the beauty of my sunset.

Kimbaline Navas 

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Day, Fresh Beginnings

Am back in the paid workforce, finished work this morning so tired and saw this unworldly light in the fog shining here and there as the sun forced it way through.  Something special about sitting on a mountain top hill actually..:)) with the mist breaking and swirling about silently.  I have some rather fanciful thoughts as during the night a palliative patient slipped away from her suffering but will leave that alone for the present.

I find I need the solitude and silence at times to think and remember and pay my final respects to that soul.

A fog bow a phenomena, I had never previously seen arched across the sky as the sun burnt the mist away.

A fog bow according to Wicki....

fog bow is similar to a rainbow, but because of the very small size of water droplets that cause fog, smaller than 0.05 mm, the fog bow has only very weak colors, a red outer edge and bluish inner. In some cases when the droplets are very small it appears white. Fogbows are therefore sometimes called "white rainbows". A fogbow seen in clouds, typically from an aircraft looking downwards, is called a "cloudbow". Mariners sometimes call them "sea-dogs."
When the droplets forming it are almost all of the same size the fogbow can have multiple inner rings, supernumeraries, that are more strongly colored than the main bow.
The fogbow's lack of colors is a result of the smaller water drops... so small that the wavelength of light becomes important. Diffraction smears out colors that would be created by larger rainbow water 

  I will put up a few more at a later date when I have more time to process and choose from the images taken this morning

Have a good week....:))

I see a few dust bunnies or perhaps moisture drops on the second last image that I had neglected to remove, oh well my eyes are not that good at times.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My 2010

Come Fly With Me

Throughout all the worry and upheaval I went for a little fly to clear my head in the gorgeous little Skyhawk with the Toowoomba Aero Club...was looking for the mountain formation that I hope to climb in April.  Took heaps of still shots to have an idea of the best access to the mountain range.  This valley is situated near the Queensland/NSW border in the Main Range National Park and can not wait to climb the formation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

The weeks that were are food for thought across the world, we had our inland tsunami and flash flooding with loss of life and devastation all over the state.  Our disasters are then followed by the earthquakes in Christchurch and now Japan, followed by the devastating tsunami of biblical proportions.

Loss and Gain (Digital Art)

I took this image at Cressbrook Dam opened for the first time since the floods, shut because of the landslides on the roads and the fear of further slips in the roads leading to the dams.  The church was an image I took of a church in Armidale last year and the model is Teegan who has modelled for me over the past year.

Went to Duranbah Beach near the Queensland/NSW border the weekend before last to photograph the Quicksilver Champions.  Left here some 3 and one half hours away to greet the dawn at the ocean.  The ocean is always uplifting.  After watching David Attenborough's latest on the origins of life can understand our facination with water and in particular the ocean as is in our DNA.  This dog obviously belonged to an early morning surfer and was keeping an eye on her master out on the boards at the break.

These intrepid photographers stood in this spot for most of the morning but think may have moved on as the tide was coming in...:))

The beautiful jade green waters of the beaches of eastern Australia

As the dawn slowly arrived, I managed to get soaking wet with rain squalls coming across the water every few minutes.  Will post some of the surfers doing their thing in a less than ideal conditions but was a privilege to watch the best in the world doing what they so so enjoy in the next post.