Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know some could easily get sick of these equine images.... but went to the city today, taking the delightful child, my grandson Joe, oh yes he thinks it is wonderful to pee in the grass on the road and now without fail we have to have a pit stop and am sure he is watching until no convenient service stations and "quick, quick gama I gotta do a wee"...That is OK except is a freeway...I smile to myself as negotiate off a suitable quiet off road find a spot where "No one might see" he does a very satisfactory arc into the grass and then gama negotiating back in to the wizzing traffic. I look at his face and get a huge kick out of the satisfaction and smug look all over his little face, of having the power to stop traffic so as to speak...little kids need a win now and then....thinks grandma. Arrived back home after negotiating road works, traffic snarls, wrong turns, and busy busy people to this "wher've you been, not at work we know...." I am lucky lucky

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yikes I think I will have to have cosmetic surgery and have my nose pared down, my ears shrunk, can they do that...just for the photographs mind. Did you know that your ears and nose keep growing into old age.....no wonder one of the patients at work referred to me as the hawk nosed woman!!!!things are going from bad to worse.

I am so thrilled except do not know how the wedding photos are going to turn out with me stuck in amongst the 20 and 30 year olds...I bet the best man is in for a shock he he..couk couk a choo and now here's to you Mrs Robinson...

I am doing the flowers and have tried these dried arrangements ....the wedding is not until November so have plenty of time to immerse myself in milk and such to get more youthful.


On the weekend the local paper "The Toowoomba Chronicle" wrote a crime report naming a pair accused of break-ins. One of the accused was a Matthew Barnes, 25 who robbed a fruit shop, a charity store, a real estate agency, a hairdresser and a travel agency, stealing amongst other things foreign currency.

Well my son is Matthew Barnes, 27, and he has and I have been getting soome very unpleasant feedback and were in the dark as to what the whole deal was about as had not read the particular article. I live a little out of town and do not get a regular newspaper and Matthew works away on a construction job......The newsagent asked Matt's relation "would you like me to save you some newspapers" with a knowing smirk......still in the dark.....people stop talking when come upon them with a knowing look, my gosh, my paranoia was at full throttle. One of Matt's friends did get him on his mobile and told him the story in the newspaper, sooo, when he was asked did he have foreign currency to spend he replied...naw was not me banks are more my line

I have written to the newspaper just a little mention that I knew a little of the treatment mother of Matthew James Barnes, 25, may have been receiving as I am the mother of Matthew John Barnes, 27. I was going to point out that I reared my sons more on Ma Baker guidelines than Ma Barnes but rethought as Toowoomba is rather a sober sided city and would take that sort of comment literally I think. You know Ma ma Baker taught her two sons to rob and to.......whatever.

Not a nice situation mistaken identity, I just know how Jason Bourne's mother felt. Will be interested to see if the newspaper prints my letter.....particularly after I mentioned cheekily my Matthew may react as Jason Bourne is prone to react.

AAAAh feel better after that little rant, is not the internet wonderful for relieving stress, I feel have over reacted now....will put up a pleasant photograph now

I photographed this little fellow a couple of nights ago and yes I know Cindy has put up more interesting censored photos of this little geko but I have never seen one before ever in this part of temperate Queensland...I think he may be the result of the little jig I saw on Cindy's site and came through the cable......I was amazed to see him in this house

I have made inquiries and the bunya timber is useful and my tree is quite large so should I decide to have it down will not have to pay...perhaps they could pay me....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Went to a funeral today which always puts me in a black frame of mind and will not depress everyone on the nitty gritty...so scarpered off before the tea and sandwiches to visit a friend some k's distant as she had rung me to let me know she had an Anglo-Arabian filly by my old stallion. Anglo Arabians are Arabian/Thoroughbred cross. I thought I would share some of my horsey pics....taken today. Uplifts me ......


Will put this up now and blend a little more later when have more time. The beginnings of a design for a postcard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brisbane River revisited....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


which is malicious,

sneaky, prickly

a killer and makes me fat.....

The tree has killed the giant coral tree beside it, drops these heavy pineapples on my head, tries to, as if hit me would not be able to tell the tale, drops these malicious prickles, and then has the temerity to have delicious nuts in the pineapple bombs, boiled in salty water I can not resist ... pure fat, and tends to make me shiny as well.

Because of all these traits I m considering the tree loppers and will plant giant boganvillas to decorate the stump of this huge Bunya Nut Tree, a native tree of the area. I can not hug this tree.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have to look around

....at the beauty that surrounds me as the ongoing tragedy deepens and widens taking people to hell and back....

It isn't for the moment you are struck that you need courage, but the long uphill climb back to sanity and security. "Lindenbergh"


My fancy hoss.....frolicking.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Empathy to all those effected

Channel 9 News Photo...February 8, 2009

Photo contributed ABC William West AFP

by the extreme weather conditions in Australia today...and Deepest Sympathy to those families who have lost lives in the inferno, the sadness I feel with all Australians as each time the news breaks reveal a rising death toll. The houses damaged and lost in the floods of North Queensland and the fires of Victoria.....I as do I am sure all Australians are hoping for the predicted weather change tonight.

Photograph contributed ABC Ellie7
Outside the township of Ayr

he fiery glow on the horizon of a town in Victoria...photo contributed ABC..Chris Mulherim

Photo contributed ABC...Peter McGee

Karumba ...I have just spoken to my brother who lives at the Point and the water has not damaged his property but the water goes about 10 ks inland on Delta Downs Station. My brother left his bike in storage at Townsville and hitched a ride on the mine's plane landing at Karumba where the airstrip is just through his back fence roughly.

I just have to put up a photo of the town I was born in...... most of my closest relatives live in these small Gulf communities of Karumba and Normanton.
Normanton...Photo contributed ABC...Peter McGee

Channel 9 Photo 8th February, 2009
The emergency services doing what they do best...Emergency Service

Thursday, February 5, 2009


As free as the wind blows.......was telling my younger sibling that I had put David's bike on the web....What about me, he said one of the most self contained, and private persons, OK Paul I will get the bl....y camera and put your bike up TOO.

He goes for a ride every now and then with the wind in his hair. I do not share my brothers' passion for fast and mean bikes, I like the air conditioned comfort of my vehicle. With the petrol prices through the roof some months ago I could only afford to drive about two k's a day....ha ha

Note the jar of Vegemite near my father's foot. Goes nowhere without his tea, rum and vegemite and he was saying Crikey a long time before Steve Irwin's fame and wearing kakis.
This is Paul some years ago when he lived and worked on his own, on remote cattle stations as a fencing contractor usually on his own. That is my father visiting with him. My father died not long after this photograph was taken, he had suffered bad burns and shrapnel wounds when Darwin was bombed and apart from that drank rum every day and lived hard and fast. This is a photograph of my father when he was running bush pub at Mt. Surprise in the Gulf country of Queensland. Access to SP bookmakers, and all that alcohol, and his droving mates trucking cattle from there, no one paid for drinks much, did not do wonders for the bank balance, but he sure enjoyed himself.

That is my father, second from the left, who had a rule, he did not drink on the serving side of the bar, so most times the serving side was empty only when he went for refills and he would go with his mates on the "wrong" side. Go figure... Thse fellows were not the drover mates but the railway maintenance gang. Oh yes a typical Sunday, all aboard and a fishing we will go, no trains today, I might add plenty of liquor on the railway maintenance vehicle....sometimes when they had not returned when the trains were due someone had to go out in the "section" car that had to be manually operated, up down up down, like a see saw with one person on a handle either side. Had to get them off the tracks usually all a little worse for wear before the train ran them down. Did have a couple of accidents with the trains resulting in death. I remember one particular man who had been crushed between the wagons while attaching them and the two steel pieces crushed him across the midriff. What stays in my memory is the blanket covering his injuries while waiting for the aerial ambulance, and him smoking, drinking and laughing. I guess it was evident that he would not make it and if he wanted to drink and smoke for the last moments of his life so be it.

My brother's last big fencing job was assisting a friend who had a contract to build yards on Laguna Station, located on the coast near the Northern Territory and West Australia border two years ago. I must share a couple of photographs of territory farming life as depicted by a friend Paul met on the Station and he e-mailed these to my brother a couple of days ago.

This is a little "freshie" as opposed to their mighty savage cousin "Salties" . The differences between the two croc species is that the salties tend to want to eat you where as the freshies at best can give a nasty little bite but in my experience mostly do not bother. This fellow the photographer said was curiously watching activities and wondering how come there is so much water about and where they intending to farm fish when he would definately be interested.

Another ambitious attempt at farming in the north of Australia on the vast marine plains. They come and they go
I have been jumping about like a rabbit with this post...which reminds me

Oh yes and while I am at it do not go out much and did go to a barbecue the other night....eeer eeer....live hard and fast I think is these fellows motto...truckies and bikies...and me so refined......

Not to worry my mother came too... in fact she was invited not I.......