Friday, April 30, 2010

Here We Go


I was sleeping as usual in front of the computer...I watch iView on the computer as do not get TV reception here, would if I installed a proper antenna but usually only watch Aunty and these days 7 and 9 are available on the computer....well a friend sent an email and I woke up with a start as the computer boings...turned off 39 Steps which I had watched the first five minutes of and promptly feel asleep in a you beaut feet up lounge chair....

After replying to my nocturnal friends email heard a commotion outside...grabbed the torch and one of my stallions was having a wonderful time gallop about and screaming gleefully at everything and everybody else in the horse world...the nonce...can not convince him yet to serve a mare as is all noise and no action but he thought he sounded stallionely.....what to do with him I have no idea....another story..

So I am turning the air blue with choice words and eventually snaffled him in a smaller yard beside the stables and heard a loud thump and screaming from underneath the boganvilla bushes...had a fair idea what was going on that bloody Slytherin and I had thought she had retired for the winter but no...

Put the stallion away and shone the torch under the bush and sure enough there was no not Slytherin as Slytherin is humungous but a smaller clone of Slytherin, the carpet python, gleefully clasping a hare by this time dead and was busily squashing the hare...not a pretty sight but am going to take you through the whole thing just the same as it happens and is nature...

I went back into the house emailed my friend what I was doing, is better to share especially nice stuff, not, and grabbed my camera, torch and a heavy coat and crawled under the boganvilla and took photographs to share with the world....not exactly David Attenborough but is nature and really is  remarkable how the python got that hare down his throat...I thought no way you wanker that is too big...

No way are you going to do this I said and thought....and I like the hares who are always bright eyed and bushy tailed and never seem to get out of control and now I have a fair idea why...but this was my fault as they always run under the boganvilla when I am thrashing about in the night and this was lying there and could not believe his luck....

Took him a fair time to get to this stage and I still thought no way you waster...

The python was squeezing the hare beats me how he does not impale himself on a broken bone as they must be breaking to get the body down skinny...
I never thought he would get this far and I would have bet the farm this snake could not get the hare into its gut and at this stage knew that perhaps I would lose if I had bet.
The snake is squashing and squashing up near its mouth and pushing towards its mouth with the rest of its coils

Twisting and squeezing

I would

Unbelievable and quite sinister...snakes are really creepy but this happens...and the hare only survived seconds before it died....I heard the screaming of the hare which only lasted seconds and in the few minutes it took me to run the stallion in and crawl under the bush the animal was dead.

Down go the feet

The python paused here and his whole body was undulating as it forced the animal into its length, and the hare was elongated into twice its length as it passed the immediate area behind the snakes head, must have very powerful mechanism inside as well as out.

Done and it slithered away....and I was not crawling any further under that darn prickly bush to document its departure..

I raced in and out of the house, downloading the images, crawling back under the bush trying to hold the torch, manually focus the camera and thinking where was Slytherin who is twice or even three times the size of this python and thinking Slytherin could probably digest just joking but these things tend to crawl into the recesses of the mind when looking at something like this... and my friend emailing me telling me to document and do not be squeamish as this is life and no matter what I do will not change nature.

Hey Cindy does this look familiar!!!

It is 2.16 am in the morning and I am off for a shower and will watch a movie preferably pillage and plunder to get my mind off this little lot and hey I am passing it on...A Bad Hair Day ....

Monday, April 19, 2010


Postcard, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

Your Thoughts

This is a design of a postcard I wish to release.....your thoughts...I do not know why this has repoduced so dull will upload to Flickr and transfer over and see if it is any better.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Reflections, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

Have been thinking of doing this for some I am on a roll and will have water drops everywhere :)....Have a good day...


I do not know what is happening here but I am receiving an inordinate amount of comments which I believe lead back to soliciting .......I have changed my comment codes for which I am saddened....In this world I try not to take advantage of anothers space just because they are willing to open themselves up....I guess the people sending all these bogus comments believe what a fool leaving their access open....sad really......If I asked you not to do this particularly with the sex and erotic links because I am not interested as enjoy real life and do not need to be a voyeur from the sidelines as some of you think life should be lived and I will not allow MY space to be a forum for such as this.

I believe the internet is a wonder of this world allowing people to exchange ideas across borders in a wink of an eye and as all these comments are in manderin you people should be aware of this more than most, and here you forcing restrictions on yourselves and others who perhaps do not warrant these restrictions.

Please desist....apart from being cowardly it is not honourable

我不知道什么是发生在这里,但我收到的评论,我相信中处于领先地位,争取.......我已经改变了我的意见,我感到很伤心.... codes过度amount在这个世界上我尽量不要利用彼此的优势空间,只因为他们是愿意开放自己了....我猜的人把所有这些假的评论认为是个傻瓜离开他们的访问打开....真悲哀......如果我问你不要这样做,特别是与性和色情的联系,因为我没有兴趣作为体验真正的,并不需要从一旁偷窥正如你们有些人认为生活应该是生活和我是不会容许我的空间是一个像这样的论坛。

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was commissioned to photograph the progress of a bridge under construction which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The workers initially were a little nervous with a photographer about but they settled and I have nothing but admiration for these construction workers, a hard and dangerous occupation but filled with camaraderie and down to earth real people.  No room for pretention here.

I am let to understand the Main Roads Dept. of the Queensland Government is undertaking a programme of upgrading a lot of the old bridges throughout regional Queensland.  This is a bridge across the upper reaches of the Brisbane River.

The stone is deposited for a pad where the crane sits to place the concrete beams which weigh fifty one tonne each.  The crane is capable of lifting 350 tons.  The preparation for the placement of the crane was exacting and precise, with the pad under scrutiny and huge counterweights attached to the bottom of the crane, semied in with five semi trailers, and this is before the machine can begin to work.

The crane testing the stability and the counterweights.

This construction worker, Will, knew his job and he and his partner, Scotty, worked together to my eyes anyhow like a well familiarized, co ordinated  team.

Chains attached to the concrete beams to be hoisted.  I was amazed that fabric was used as part of the chain, configuration to hoist the beams.....the fabric, ropes encased in a covering pocket so could not see the texture of make up of the ropes/fabric?  Much more flexible than steel.  I do not know the reason for the use of the fabric material but intend to find out....I am such a nosy parker...just gotta know stuff for the sake of knowing.

Attaching the cables of steel

Up she goes, this is the second beam

I did a HDR effect for a change with this photograph showing the second beam going into place late in the afternoon with the essential backhoe bucket shown in the foreground who asked me to shift before he scooped me and my camera up  lol

I totally enjoyed my day out on this site and have a greater appreciation of the work ethic of these construction people.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You

Thank you for all your kind words which is appreciated and will take the opportunity of sharing my morning with you....

I love the kindness of all who comment it uplifts the spirits and I am privileged to have the opportunity to be able to share...

I do love the lyrics of this song which I relate to often

Morning Sky
Don't hide your heart behind the wall
Don't walk alone in grey and dark nights
Look to the sky and you'll be allright
There is a sun for you to shine
Lookat yourself, what do you see?
A childhood fear to be alone, maybe a heart
Without a home, but someone's waiting there for you.

Morning sky let me touch your golden sunlight
Let me dream away the dark night, let me ride
Your silver cloud, morningsky promise me you
Live tomorrow push away my pain and sorrow
In God's golden morning sky.

Be like a river wide and strong, don't be afraid
To trust a friend, so let your life be like a song
Sing with a feeling in your heart.

Morning sky let me touch golden sunlight........