Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let Me Touch Your Golden Sunlight

Am back in the workforce,working nights in a sad environment, uplifted with the glory of the morning.

Very strange being back in the workplace after nearly two years of looking after my mother who passed away in February.

I work nights and in an endeavor to get my fitness levels back, post stay at home, walk to and from work each morning which involves walking through the bush in the starlight and moonlight and returning home now as the sun rises in the crisper early morning fogs.  Pure magic as the summer turns to the shorter winter days.

This morning experienced the most beautiful light through the fog, rushed home 2 ks of fast walking, grabbed the camera, threw on some whites as had an idea of what I wished to achieve and the fog waited the extra ten minutes I needed to get something like the images I had in mind.  I used in postprocessing a softening of the image to give the ambience.  I will try this again and hopefully at a time when I can utilize the light for more than the 10 minutes.

May your God go with you....