Thursday, January 29, 2009


My brother who lives in Karumba in the Gulf and operates the Point Service Station at Karumba Point decided he would motor down for a quick visit as all the Gulf roads are closed. was originally going to ride his Harley from Karumba to the Darling Downs but could not get through so left his beloved Harley at Karumba flew to Cairns, purchased this little number for the trip and rode down to see the rest of his siblings and mother.

He rode in rain most of the way and left today in a rain storm. My brother is the RACQ representative in the Gulf of Carpentaria area and is a welcome sight for stranded motorists in these remote areas. He picks up vehicles as far as Boorooloola in the Territory and as far east as the Mitchell River. I would also like to revisit Boorooloola where I enjoyed a number of years working on a cattle station in the area. Was also secretary of the Boorooloola Rodeo and Raceclub Association for a number of years. The McArthur River in that area was a beautiful stream and saw with regret that McArthur Mines were to divert the river for their own ends and had permission from the Territory Government. I do not know if this has happened as yet. Am a bit of an escapist as have not tried to find out as did not want to this to occur. The mining on McArthur River Station was only in the exploration stages when I lived and worked there. I am told that where the ore is shipped at Bing Bong the area is not the pristine wonderland it was when I was there. The price of prosperity. My brother told me he thought McArthur Mines has closed at the present.
Was good to catch up with him for the few days he was here and he likes riding the motor bikes even if it is raining. Rekons the Harley is more comfortable to ride but guess he is more familiar with it and perhaps addicted to the distinctive sound of the Harley.

Now I have the itch to go back to my birthplace, Normanton, with the water all about. One of my nieces' husband is the driver of the barge to Mornington Island from Karumba taking supplies. I do not know him but would like to prevail upon him to take the trip and see the Gulf from the seaward side. I would also like to see the northern waterfalls and rivers once more in full flight.
AAAh if wishes were horse, beggars would ride.

Monday, January 26, 2009


is not a soft and gentle place. Her "beauty and her terror" is evident today, Australia Day in this area.To walk on its soil one must be constantly vigilant, to swim in its oceans you take the risks, and this weekend a young man's life was tragically taken from him. He jumped from these rocks and never surfaced. The location known as "Valley of Diamonds" can only be accessed by foot. As I type police divers are searching for his body. The water is forbiddingly deep and an inky color and always did have a foreboding quality.

One of the retired Rangers told me caves are under the water and with the influx of water the direction of current could have caused this young persons body not to surface.When a diver was sent in years ago he would not explore this rock hole fully as was too deep and dark.

May he be at peace...and may the body be located for closure of family and those who loved him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My manicured back yard

Went for an early morning walk after last night's storm. I live high on the eastern rim of The Great Dividing Range of the east coast of Australia and sometimes the clouds sit here early in the mornings, giving a beautiful soft and mysterious feel. After the searing heat of the past weeks this morning a welcome change.
I know why I live where I live at the present moment....home among the gum trees, but no plumb trees!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Was sitting in a small country town on the footpath enjoying a cup of coffee and noticed this young man walking up and down the fence. I might add walking on top of the fence. I spoke to him and asked could I take his photograph and he was happy for me to do so.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


ARABIAN GELDING, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

I will have to get myself motivated and get this fellow into work....I do not seem to be able to make a start..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ABANDONED BUILDING, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

This building was commissioned by the Queensland Government when Queensland first gained statehood. This was a Women's Lunatic Asylum not politically correct to name something "lunatic" these days but was the name it was given in the old days
I read it housed 300 inmates and guards and has dungeons built underneath. On the top side the building is built high on a reach of the Brisbane River and stunning views at the back...
Funnily enough those in the dungeons would not have appreciated the views. Built on the river as the inmates were brought to the place by boat and in those days if escaped the only way out was on the river as the immediate surrounds would have been thick inhospitable bush.

Makes one pause at the priorities of Queensland in the day...this was the first public works comissioned by the then new Government so I have read.....

I have taken a bit of artistic liberty with the original photograph....

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The baby birds on a first outing...

This is Mum or Dad giving me a piece of her/his mind for looking at her babies....scolding and scolding

I have never given this little bird's name much thought but.... Willie Wagtail...a great moniker for a feisty little bird which was giving me a hard time this morning at daybreak when feeding the animals. I then realized what all the chittering was about," my babies are on their first flight so keep back..." and the swear words....@#%###

These little birds follow the larger grass eating animals and station themselves at the heribivores nose and catch the tiny insects that scatter as the grass eater moves its nose amongst the grass, all the wile wagging their tail feathers furiously, gives one an eye ache watching all the energy expended in the tail wagging, hence the wagtail moniker.

The nest is high in a bunya nut tree whose spikes are daunting, no self respecting lizard, python snake would make it up these limbs to devour the eggs or the babies.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Decided to shift some dirt and clean out my stables and yards with this little machine..Grandson, Joe, "Grandmas don't do that, they girls" I have news for that little chauvinistic boy.....
The machine is a horror but does quite a few jobs, a headache from the noise and sore hands from the shuddering juddderin piece of equipment. The broken bones in my fingers from October are quite sore.

All the available holidaying kids into work on the renovations of the old house my youngest purchased for rental. Had done the insides up some months ago with stained floors, new carpets and new paint and three young rentors, girls would you believe, trashed the place. Broken glass, animal waste ground into the new carpets, doors on cupboards off, paint off walls and to top it off their names spray canned on the front porch. My son not a happy chappy and kicked them out forthwith ...I do not know of the legalities but he was so angry as trusted them and did not check up as is away working on construction.
New tenants due to move in next week and do hope he has screened them a little better.

Joe is painting for his Dad and has the wrong colour on the steel...oh well when it dries can be fixed. "Mum all you did was take his photo...why did you not stop him". Hey I am the Grandmother and I do not have to rouse. He he


RED, originally uploaded by cnlizziebns.

Beautiful summer tomatoes.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


On my table...I am so lucky in this lucky place